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Episode 9 Hanging Bridge Shubuta, Mississppi

Six documented lynchings were carried out on a bridge in Shubuta, Mississippi during the lynching era. Four in 1918 and two in 1942. Known as the Hanging Bridge, it still stands as a haunting reminder of racial terror. Hear the story below…

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Roadblock near the Hanging Bridge (Photo: Lance Warren)

Learn more about the Hanging Bridge
Hanging Bridge: Racial Violence and America’s Civil Rights Century. Jason Morgan Ward’s book is an important read not only in understanding and learning more about the history of Shubuta bridge but the bigger picture of civil rights and race in the 20th century.

Episode Sources
Ferranti, Seth (2016, April 17). This Bridge in Mississippi Has Hosted Decades of Racial Violence
Hall, Stephen (2016, November 14). Racial Violence and America’s Civil Rights Century: An Interview with Jason Morgan Ward

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