Episode 8: Elmore Bolling Lowndes County, Alabama

Just off Hwy 80, near Lownesboro, Alabama, is a marker situated in the center of a small gated area. Elmore Bolling’s name is inscribed on the marker. He was a successful black businessman who ran an inclusive business in the Jim Crow South and was known for his philanthropy. In 1947, Elmore was murdered by a group of white men who were angry about Elmore’s success.

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Learn more about Elmore Bolling and his life
The Bolling Foundation
Penalty for Success by Josphine Bolling McCall

Performed by Ross Gentry. Courtesy of Headway Recordings in Asheville, North Carolina. Learn more here

Elmore Bolling memorial marker at lynching site in Lowndes County, Alabama
Josephine Bolling McCall holds a photo of her father, Elmore (Photo: Jay Reeves / AP)

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